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Sergiadis Apostolos
Aluminum Frames - Plasterboards - Iron Constructions -
Thermal facades - Electrical - Renovations - Drama

Our company "SERGIADIS A" which is based in the city of Drama and more specifically Ethnomartyron Pontou 79, has been active since 1998, in the field of metal structures, offering you constructions that are characterized by impeccable style and functionality.
The modern equipment of our facilities, gives us the opportunity to undertake various projects, but also the desired result in all aluminum or iron constructions, based on the static and architectural study of each project.


Etem Aluminum Frames

Etem Aluminum Frames

Our specialized staff in collaboration with the company Etem, undertakes aluminum constructions such as: Aluminum Frames (Opening - Sliding), Aluminum Rollers, Screens (Vertical, Horizontal, Fixed & Opening)

Etem Aluminum Frames